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Enhancing your and your organization’s capacity to make a difference and lead change in a fast-paced, complex, and often turbulent world.

When you are ready to make significant change and want to know more…


Change and especially significant change is easier than we often make it out to be. Why? Because pivotal changes are done through very small shifts at the core, especially when big differences are needed.

Correct focus is about clarity, about the approach, and about discovering what will get you to your goal. HINT: Success leaves clues and needed change is easier than most believe is possible because you and your teams will have already successfully done little bits of what is needed. We help you find and keep focused on what matters.


The difference we bring is that we help you power up to the TIPPING Point (Transilient Induction Period of Partnership & Innovation for New Growth).

That is, your teams make it happen and we are simply there to get you to the point where you respond to each wave of change that comes. We help you quickly take the helm of your transformational process. The speed and results are fun.

We have done the hard work to distill this down to simple steps so that you adapt to your unique situation. Quickly the TIPPING Point leads to energized change, often before the scheduled end of the transformational sprint we help you develop.

There will be minimized interruption of your existing output and optimization of the resources already within your reach that you are most likely not yet leveraging.

We provide some very simple guidelines and you and your teams own your change. It is exhilarating. You do it all!

It is exciting. We make it fun by minimizing the natural human resistance to change by tapping the power of vision, ownership, and community.


Strengthening the core leadership capacities of individuals and organizations.


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